Hello Research

A simple Hello can lead to a million things

It all starts with ‘Hello’. Have you ever noticed how every conversation starts with Hello, whether it’s in person, on the phone or via email… Hello, or some form of Hello is generally the first word spoken and we’d love to say ‘Hello’ to you.

Hello summer, Hello Wimbledon

It’s that time of year again… Wimbledon.

Lawn tennis, line calls, strawberries and cream, optimism and maybe a British winner. Our natural obsession about the weather; will it be sunny for the next fortnight or will we see rain and scramble for cover. Will we get a nice long summer at all?

Like the tennis, a British summer can also be unpredictable at times and we shouldn’t be too shocked at a surprise over the next few weeks. Will it, won’t it? Will they go all the way or not?

In many ways, this could be similar to a new business launch. Uncertainty surrounding any new launch - will it be a success, will people like it, or more importantly buy it! And that’s why we strongly believe any investment of research is key to gaining the maximum return.

At Hello Research, our team like tennis, we like strawberries, even the sunny weather, but what we really love is helping our clients and partners succeed. We love speaking to consumers, to trades people, to retailers, to anybody that will talk to us… because we value their insights, knowing that it will help our clients/partners succeed.

In any marketplace it pays to invest in quality research. Not only will it give you the immediate need to know insights now, it will also provide ‘over and above’ findings that will help shape future marketing and strategies too. A ‘value add’ to making sure you are prepared for today and tomorrow, you have your strawberries ‘and’ cream!

 If only picking a Wimbledon winner was as fruitful…

 Hello we think it is, Game, Set and Match! 

Hello Summer.jpg