Hello Research

A simple Hello can lead to a million things

It all starts with ‘Hello’. Have you ever noticed how every conversation starts with Hello, whether it’s in person, on the phone or via email… Hello, or some form of Hello is generally the first word spoken and we’d love to say ‘Hello’ to you.

Have a break….

Most of us enjoy chocolate biscuit at some point, myself included. So imagine how excited I was to discover the new Kit-Kat packaging and links to You-Tube.

Instantly great… just what Kit Kat needs to bring them into the 21st century and embrace the You-Tube generation.

This got me thinking. What would I do, if I could do anything with Kit Kat? I instantly thought why didn’t they do something with their name and create a whole batch of ‘Kit Kate’ with a nod to Kate Middleton on the recent birth of Princess Charlotte.

Pizza Hut on the other hand were quick off the mark to offer a free meal to the first 100 Charlotte’s through the door of selected branches (London, Leeds, Liverpool, Edinburgh and Manchester) to mark the special occasion.

Publicity gained from such a move will undoubtedly have paid for itself numerous times over.

Is there a thought that big brands should consider adopting a ‘piggy-back’ approach to marketing and advertising promotions… after all; it’s bound to cost less than a stand alone expensive campaign.