Hello Research

A simple Hello can lead to a million things

It all starts with ‘Hello’. Have you ever noticed how every conversation starts with Hello, whether it’s in person, on the phone or via email… Hello, or some form of Hello is generally the first word spoken and we’d love to say ‘Hello’ to you.

HALLOWEEN… Scary or Retail Friendly

Hello November as we prepare to say good-bye to October. But before we say good-bye we have Halloween to enjoy. How noticeable the increase in our attention over recent years… simple awareness or clever marketing? Maybe both.

Contributions surely include global and economic growth, more international trading, more products easily accessible and more frequently with our UK retailers.

 We have been influenced, but we have also evolved with technology. As consumers we’re more aware because of social media, advertising, our shopping habits and simply our choice. Collectively a blend of all these factors guarantees our attention, which in turn helps generate sales.

It does come down to clever marketing to make us aware, coupled with smart insight and research that tells the marketers how to bring products and consumers closer together. Hello!

One thing we know, Halloween has grown. In 2001 the UK spent approx. £12 million and last year (2013) this figure grew to over £300 million. 

Good insight for you. Don’t be scared, frightened or nervous… it’s more about ‘your goals’ than creepy ghouls!

Happy HELLOween!