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A simple Hello can lead to a million things

It all starts with ‘Hello’. Have you ever noticed how every conversation starts with Hello, whether it’s in person, on the phone or via email… Hello, or some form of Hello is generally the first word spoken and we’d love to say ‘Hello’ to you.

Carrier Bag Charge... or... Carry a Bag and Save

Since the introduction of the 5p carrier bag charge, we’d like to ask - has this changed your attitude? On average, a simple breakdown might look like this:

5p a bag therefore 5 x bags a week = 25p

25p per week x 52 weeks a year = £13.00…. On carrier bags!

So now things start to look a bit different with carrier bags… whether a bag for life, or pick up the odd ‘free’ bag here and there, a jute bag, cotton bag, recyclable or something ‘lost’ in the back of the car. The reality is our attitudes are changing.

If you surveyed consumers and challenged them to pay £13 upfront to have all their carrier bags available for the year, we might guess the majority would feel aggrieved at such an amount to pay, but would they really…

Are consumers actually happy with the new 5p charge because they feel like they’re helping the environment i.e., doing their bit to reduce waste, does it make them feel good/better about themselves or does it still frustrate the life out of them?

We wondered if you could switch this thought, or attitude to see this ‘new’ purchase as an investment?

Scenario:   If a consumer bought 5 x ‘bags for life’ at £0.40p each in one week, that’s only £2. So if our ‘new’ educated attitude was to see this £2 as a simple investment, and keep the bags, fold them and remember to use them every time they went shopping, this would actually save them £11 on their annual average shopping expenditure … just a thought.

At Hello, we’re doing our bit too. The new ‘Hello’ shopping bags will help our customers, partners and friends alike (even if just a little bit)

If you’re lucky enough to receive one, please use it, and say Hello to saving yourself the 5p carrier bag charge!